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Our Founder

Lauren M. Torres, Founder and CEO

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Lauren had the ideal backdrop to cultivate a deep passion for individualized style. Over the last nine years, her career in fashion has taken her to upper level management positions at Nordstrom Inc. across three states; Florida, Texas and California. Throughout her career, she became an expert stylist with a diverse client book, the head of sales and staffing for multi-million dollar departments, as well as corporate trainer in people development and service based styling. She was also a leader and mentor of High School and College Fashion Internship programs, specializing in contemporary fashion trends and partnered with publications, such as Seventeen magazine, to educate young women in the business of fashion.

Although grateful for her experiences at Nordstrom Inc., her entrepreneurial drive led her to a partnership opportunity at The Style Service, a local personal styling service based out of Austin, Texas. It was during this time she realized the potential to maximize the value of quality one-on-one client relationships through a personalized one-on-one nationwide business model. And with that, SORTED. Style Services was born. Lauren is a graduate of Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a major in Advertising and minor in Religious Studies. She is a classically trained dancer, with a Flamenco niche, a meditation and yoga enthusiast and a skilled bilingual public speaker. In her spare time, Lauren loves going to the beach, spending time with her rescue dog Mr. Pibb and volunteering with local charities and non-profit organizations.

Our Story

Welcome to SORTED., a national, personalized wardrobe consultation service that helps our clients discover the power of reclaiming and understanding their own personal style. With local wardrobe consultants in Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, and Austin. SORTED. Style Services is the first personal style group of its kind to offer one-on-one services throughout the US.

A general consultation works as follows: a SORTED. Wardrobe Consultant travels to your home fully assesses your clothing repertoire, overall psychographics, such as interests, personality, lifestyle and career attire requirements. We help you organize, accessorize, and fully style by shopping with you or for you to create a personalized and unique style identity. Most importantly, we educate you along the way so you can apply what you’ve learned for your daily runway.

This one of a kind experience will ultimately create a client’s unique personal style, or as Lauren Torres, owner of SORTED. refers to it, their style identity. “Your style identity is your projection to the world, telling the story of who you are and reflecting how you’re feeling. It’s ever changing and constantly evolving, affecting your confidence and essentially your life,” adds Lauren. “Stylists aren’t just for celebrities anymore, we are here to make sure the general audience has the opportunity to look and feel their best, everyday.”

SORTED. hopes to pioneer personal style services that are practical for everyone. “How many women do you know that walk into a jam packed closet everyday and yet still have nothing to wear?” asks Lauren, “Looking into your closet and quickly knowing what to put together is invaluable.” SORTED.’s mission is to provide our clients with a style consultation service that gives you the opportunity to feel like the best version of yourself, through curating your own ideal wardrobe. One that is practical for your lifestyle and easy to navigate, as well as educating along the way so that you can easily identify and effortlessly recreate your signature looks. We believe everyone has a style identity. We just help you find it.

Our Services

Free Consultation

Family Package (for 2) $1,195
Includes: Closet Sorting/Purge
Personal Shopping
Personalized Style Session

Add on Services:
girlfriend parties
beauty referrals

Full Style Experience Package $749
Includes: Closet Sorting/Purge
Personal Shopping
Personalized Style Session

A La Carte Menu Starting at $349:
Closet Sorting/Purge
Personal Shopping
Personalized Style Session
Style Conceirge
Seasonal Updates
Travel/Vacation Planning & Packing
Special Occasion Styling
Thrifting & Consigning

Jet Set Package: $500
Travel/Vacation Planning & Packing
Option for Shopping and Conceirge Service

Sorted Membership
Lauren’s Handbook of Style Tips and Tricks
Closet Refresh and outfitting 3 occasions of their choice
Monthly Newsletter (seasonal updates, stylist feature, lifestyle)
Assessing add on services
Integrating one new style item per month.
Note: Membership only available to those who participate in full service.

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